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Having worked in the fashion industry for almost a decade, i started group mentoring in schools about my career and how others could break into the industry.  Having mentored primary school children, through to young teens, i quickly realised the need to discuss money.

Unfortunately, money management is not on the national curriculum and as a result has left a lot of millennials with damaged relationships with money and children behind us ready to take on that same burden.


I decided that i had to bring Fashion and Finance together to educate, elevate and empower the groups of individuals i was mentoring.

This allowed me to build my NatalieScottEmpowers instagram platform where i educate people on the art of paying yourself first, money management and great tips to take on board because, at the end of it "I just want to see you win!"

I offer 1:1 coaching calls to tackle your saving concerns and a 4-week money mindset course to completely transform your limiting money beliefs. 


"Completed my 4-week money mindset course will Natalie and WOW I can’t believe how different I feel after such a short space of time! I've become more self-aware of my habits and thoughts. If you are wanting to get you money habits/negative money mindset in check, book in your free consultation with Natalie. Like right NOW. It will be the best decision you make for yourself. Invest in yourself. Watch yourself become rich in your mindset!"

Clare Payne

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