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Who wouldn't want to set their child up for financial security?

This video explains two of the best vehicles that will give your child/children the best possible start in their adult lives and further down the line: Junior ISAs and Child Pensions (SIPP).

Maybe you'd like them to enter further education without the worry of student debt? Raise the deposit for their first home? Or just build a nest egg? Maybe you choose to go a step further and plan their retirement with an early investment?

Whether you're an expectant parent/guardian, a curious Aunt/Uncle, or a concerned grandparent; every child deserves a financial headstart!

Once purchased you will receive access to the recording 


I've followed Natalie and seen all her money management tips - loads of which I've started using day to day. I'd like to learn more about savings and investment for my kids, so bought this to learn more on Junior ISAs. It gave me loads of useful info that I had no idea about!
Super easy to follow and has made me realise I need to get on this! Hoping to do a 1:1 session with her in the future to get a personalised plan!

Eve O

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