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🖼️ Have you ever wanted to invest in art but felt it wasn't accessible?

❌ Maybe you associated it with 'old money' and never saw it as a viable option for you ?

Learn everything to get started now, with Art Expert Rita Alay Libera Del Curto Askenasy de Cuervo! Art Sales Director Rita of MTArt Agency (previously Christie’s, The Serpentine Galleries, Convelio and Sotheby’s) works with new artists and advises first time art buyers. Her purpose is to make art accessible for more people, especially young women and you know I'm all for that!

This webinar will touch on art as a means of diversification to investing, how it works and the fact you don't need a house deposit to get started!

Once purchased you will receive access to the recording straight away

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It was very informative and interesting. I now feel like I can invest in an industry that I have a passion in, guided through new knowledge and trends. Finally being able to access a type of investing that I can understand and explore in depth without it feeling like a chore per se. It gives me more of an excuse to go to more art viewing too which is exciting! Thank you so much for this (:

Bobbie B

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