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Aren't you tired of not being paid for your time? Scrolling through instagram and youtube having to endure adverts you didn't ask for? I know I am!

Let me introduce you to Zedosh 👆🏾The tech company that pays you to watch ads! YES, you read that right!

Now, let me be real with you, I've tried similar apps (and sites) in the past, that pay you for your time (from ads to surveys) and let me tell you, none of them beat Zedosh. Why? They paid pennies or made me go through hurdles before receiving anything 😞 whereas Zedosh paid straight away! 😎

...and why wouldn't you want to get paid to watch ads?! The $400Bn digital advertising industry doesn't benefit no one but Google and Facebook Meta 🙄 So Zedosh have built a simple marketplace for consumers to directly benefit from their data and attention! 🤑

The proof is really in the pudding! I joined the app Mon 8th November and did my first withdrawal that Friday 🎉 This was after watching a couple of ads! You can '❤️' the ads you really like and get notified for similar ads you'd be interested in watching! Already i've made £2.92 and it's only been a few weeks, i'm not mad at that at all!


Zedosh is regulated by the FCS and do no (and never will) sell on the data they share. It is only used to calculate your interests in order to share more relevant advertising with you and of course, to put money into your account.

The underlying tech used is the same when connecting to money management apps!

So you're in safe hands! Join today and start earning for your time

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